Friday, February 11, 2011

Substitute: J.Crew Luxe Baseball Tee

I dream of wearing this shirt on the weekends:

Happily, it has come down in price - now $52. 

But, I of course, wanted to see what substitutes were available.

Too expensive still...

Maybe too worn looking....
 Forever21: Burnout Sweatshirt ($15.80)

The two shirts I found best resembling the J.Crew tops:

 Eddie Bauer: French Terry 3/4 Sleeve Sweatshirt ($39.50)

Delia's: Lace Back Sweatshirt ($39.50)

I could purchase either of these two, but it might be worth it to just purchase the original shirt from J.Crew - its too cute and comfy looking!


  1. I am always wishing that I could afford j crew clothes! that outfit is super cute! I think you need the skirt too :)